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Language of Flowers


With every different flower tells a story of the floral arrangement, we explain to you in detail the symbolisation of each flowers:

ROSE Red Love & Passion; "I Love You"
ROSE White Purity, Chastity, Innocence
ROSE Yellow Friendship, Caring; Feelings of Joy, Warmth , Welcome; Expression of Exuberance
ROSE Sweet Pink Sweetness, Innocence
ROSE Shocking Pink Deep Gratitude, Appreciation
ROSE Orange Passion, Energy; Intense Desire, Pride, Fascination
ROSE Purple/ Yam Enchantment; Love at First Sight
ROSE Blue Desire for the Unattainable; Mysterious
ROSE Green Harmony, Opulence, Peace, Transquility
ROSE Black Death, Farewell
ALSTROEMERIA Wealth, Prosperity, Fortune
ANTHURIUM RED Hospitality; Happiness, Abundance
ASTER Patience, Elegance, Daintiness
BABY'S BREATH Pure-heartedness
BIRD OF PARADISE Joyfulness, Magnificence
CARNATION Pride, Beauty
CARNATION Red Love, Pride, Admiration
CARNATION Pink Love of a Woman or a Mother
CARNATION Purple Capriciousness, Whimsical
CARNATION Yellow Rejection, Disappointment
CARNATION White Innocence, Pure Love
CHRYSANTHEMUM Fidelity, Optimism, Joy, Long Life
CHRYSANTHEMUM White Truth, Loyal
CHRYSANTHEMUM Yellow Slighted Love
FREESIA Innocence, Thoughtfulness
GERBERA DAISY Cheerfulness
GLADIOLUS Strength of Character, Faithfulness, Honour
HYDRANGEA Heartfelt Emotions, Gratitude
IRIS Faith, Wisdom, Valour
LILY Purity, Refined Beauty
LILY White Virginity, Purity, Majesty
LILY CALLA Exquisite Beauty
LILY CALLA White Purity, Innocence. Perfect for Bridal Bouquet
LILY STARGAZER Pink Young, Bold, Beautiful, Dramatic; Wealth, Prosperity; Heavenly Scent
ORCHID Exotic Beauty, Refinement, Thoughtfulness
ORCHID CYMBIDIUM Virtue, Morality; Gift of Respect & Friendship
PEONY Bashfulness, Compassion; Happy Life, Happy Marriage, Good Health, Prosperity
SUNFLOWER Pure Thoughts, Adoration, Dedicated Love
TULIP Perfect Love, Declaration of Love; Grace, Elegance
TULIP Red Perfect Love
TULIP Purple Royalty
TULIP Yellow Cheerful Thoughts, Sunshine
TULIP White Heaven; Worthiness; Message of Forgiveness
TULIP Pink Happiness, Confidence, Affection
TULIP Orange Energy, Desire, Warmth, Enthusiasm

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