It’s wedding season! Before you decide on what color palette you’ll be going with, here’s some news.

Color authority Pantone has, for the first time ever, anointed 2 colors of the year for 2017. These are – Rose Quartz and Serenity, which are shades of pale pink & baby blue. Other top colors include Peach Echo – a medium peach tone, Buttercup – a bright yellow, Fiesta – a vivid red, and Green Flash – a brilliant green. These are all inspired by the beauty of nature, and are reminiscent of flowers and lush greenery. 

How did these color trends emerge? According to Laurie Pressman, VP of Pantone’s Color Institute, “We saw a movement toward very calm shades contrasted with specific pops of bright primaries.”    

If you’re a wedding planner or intend to plan your own wedding, consider having a pastel-painted or color-pop theme to add a certain je ne sais quoi!

You can get as creative on your wedding day as you want with delicate blooms and accents in these pretty pastel & vivid shades. Here are some stunning flower picks for your big day:

 Pale Pink Asiatic Lilies

Pale Pink Asiatic Lilies – These stunning yet delicate blooms in a pale pink shade are perfect for a fairytale wedding. Fresh Asiatic lilies in full bloom have a beautiful star-shaped appearance, similar to Tiger lilies. These make for perfect non-fragrant bridal flowers, as they can be used in combination with any fragrance chosen by the bride.

Peach Spray Roses/ Daisies

Peach Spray Roses/Daisies –Spray roses are the tinier versions of standard-size roses, and have clusters of small blooms on a single stem. These are highly-sought after for their stunning petals, and make a lovely décor option for any marriage ceremony. Gerbera daisies in shades of light peach are also ideal for a classic dose of wedding glamour!

 Blue Hydrangea

Blue Hydrangea –Every bride needs ‘something borrowed and something blue’, so why not try a delicate corsage? Or maybe a traditional bouquet created with soft blue hydrangea? This can be combined with other blooms in similar hues for a stunning flower mix that stands out. If you prefer, you can also opt for a centerpiece complete with pink spray roses for a beautiful contrast. 

 Soft Pink Tulips

Soft Pink Tulips – A pretty bunch of rosy-hued tulips with silvery miller foliage is oh-so-elegant for a contemporary wedding. You could also choose to have a Downtown Abby-inspired wedding with tulips and green hanging amaranth. If boho is more like your style, combine coral peonies with frilly tulips and green foliage! 

 Classic Red Roses

Classic Red Roses – As we all know, crimson roses are a timeless symbol of love and romance, which makes them perfect for your big day. You can mix light and dark red varieties to add an element of depth to wedding flowers, or arrange single-stemmed boutonnieres for the gents. All these classic flowers need are white fillers and green foliage to highlight their natural beauty.  

 Sunflowers Yellow

Sunflowers/Yellow Phoenix –Cheery-yellow sunflowers or yellow phoenix are always an elegant choice, and more so for a wedding, where they stand out with their vibrant color. Brides can opt for a yellow-and-blue or yellow-and-white bouquet to complement their all-white attire. Even bridesmaids wearing pastel dresses can carry coordinating sunflower bouquets – perfect for a daytime wedding!


Green Accents, such as leaves/stems –Green foliage such as leaves, stems, ferns and vines add to the beauty of flower arrangements and bouquets. You can even add in seed heads of different flowers such as aruncus and lilies for added impact. Green flowers such as Ireland bells and euphorbias can also be used to create fresh-looking arrangements.


Ideal for all sorts of weddings, these serene bright bouquets & floral arrangements are the flavor of the season. Take a look at D’Petals’ stunning bridal bouquets and wedding packages for more inspiration!