Best Valentine's Day Alternative to Roses

Flowers are the music of the ground. From earth’s lips, spoken with sound.” ~ Edwin Curran


Flowers are truly one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to your special someone, as they will make him/her happy and say a thousand words. What’s more, they can be assembled without a lot of effort!

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Nowadays, it’s become customary to celebrate Valentine’s Day each year with a customary bouquet of roses. While it’s true that roses have symbolized love for as long as we can remember, the fact remains that they’ve become a clichéd gift for the 14th of February. A bouquet of roses with a card has become the norm on this day, but it’s not always a hit with most people. Roses are not necessarily the ideal expression of love for everyone, and every person has a different choice. Gift giving is all about appreciating the special people in your life, and is a token of your love for them.

If you’re facing a dilemma about what to get your love on the big day, why not exercise your imagination? Look around you to find the perfect present for your loved one, such as a pretty mixed bouquet created with his/her favorite flowers. This will help you stand out from the crowd and express your devotion to them as well.

Here are our top flower picks for your Valentine, which are a refreshingly-different alternative to red roses:

  • Orchids
    Orchid Flower
    A beautiful bunch of vividly-colored orchids is a great gift to surprise your other half with. These fragrant blooms are known to be a luxurious and glamorous choice for presenting anyone, and are delicate, exotic and graceful in their appeal. They represent love, luxury, beauty, and strength. Available in colors such as pink, purple and red, these flowers are treasured in a number of cultures around the world.

Their size and shape makes them prized flowers, and to top it off they come in a range of variations. Even Singapore’s national flower is an orchid – a stunning representation of our nation’s uniqueness!

  • Tulips
    Tulips Flower
    Why not brighten up your partner’s day by gifting them some fresh spring tulips? These are an ideal choice for celebrating the season of love, and can be customized according to the color you pick out. Deep red tulips signify immense passion and are ideal for lovers, whereas pink ones are great for presenting to your parents, and orange ones to anyone starting a new venture.

Always graceful and elegant, these are one of the most widely-recognized flowers today. A charming tulip bouquet might just be what your beloved needs this festive season.

  • Lilies
    Lilies Flower
    A special occasion requires special flowers, and a classic bouquet of dainty lilies will surely impress your loved one/s. Often chosen as wedding flowers, a classic bunch of lilies in white or even pink signifies purity, majesty, exquisite beauty, and youth. Varieties such as ‘Stargazer’, ‘Calla’, and ‘Casablanca’ are used in some of the most popular flower arrangements today. Even potted lilies are presented as decorative options.

According to Roman legend, Venus – the Goddess of Love rose from the water and upon witnessing a lily, became instantly envious of the flower’s beauty. She then gave the flower another element – a long pistil in the center, hoping that it would decrease its attractiveness. Alas! We all know that didn’t work…

  • Hydrangeas
    Hydrangeas Flowers
    These delicate and lush pastel and jewel-colored flowers convey one’s heartfelt emotions, perseverance, and gratitude. They are made up of wooden stems and velvety-soft, star-shaped flowers packed closely together in a pompom. Possessing immense grace and visual appeal, these can be arranged in a bouquet with a combination of other flowers, or simply by themselves. If you gift your love a bouquet of Hydrangeas, they can preserve them a while longer in a vase and voila! You have a lovely centerpiece.

Even a single Hydrangea blossom leaves a huge impact on the recipient, so you can only imagine what a lavish bouquet would do!

  • Eustoma
    Eustoma Flowers
    Also known as Lisianths or Texas Bluebell flower, the Eustoma flower gets its name from 2 Greek words – ‘Eu’, which means beautiful, and ‘Stoma’, which means mouth. This reference comes from the flower’s naturally-pretty ‘mouth’, derived from its vibrant coloring and lovely shape. This blossom signifies contentment, appreciation for life, admiration, and sweetness. This makes it appropriate for your honey, who is a source of happiness in your life!

Eustomas are great for Valentine’s Day, and are available in colors such as deep purple, yellow, orange, pink, and red. If you’re keen on strengthening the bond between you and your love, look no further than these eye-catching blooms!

  • Sunflowers
    Does your better half or friend love the color yellow? If the answer is yes, consider the vibrantly-hued sunflowers the best choice of gift this February. These flowers are not only magnificent to look at, they also have a rich history and meaning behind them. A sunflower symbolizes pure thoughts, adoration, and dedicated love, and stand for the sun itself! In Chinese symbolism, a sunflower is extremely auspicious, and stands for vitality, intelligence, and happiness.

Choose from a cheery bouquet of golden sunflowers, or opt for a mixed arrangement for the love of your life or close friend. Their day will surely get brighter!

  • Gerberas
    These vivid tropical daisies are cousins of sunflowers, which is where they get their resemblance from. They come in a range of bright colors, ranging from orange, red, pink, white, and peach. Share their minimalistic beauty with your love by gifting them a bouquet of gerberas in hues that express your feelings. These are an exclusive choice for someone who doesn’t prefer regular blooms, and can be made as colorful as you want, with floral and green accents.

Gerbera daisies stand for cheerfulness, and have a fluffy look to them, complete with striking petals of different sizes. Flowers such as lilies and tulips can be combined with these daisies to give them a festive look.  

There’s nothing like communicating your feelings via flowers! Make it happen by selecting the most appropriate flower for your beloved.

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