Fascinating Language of Flowers

Wondering how to say "I Love You", "You’re My Best Friend", or "I'm There For You" in a special way? Say it with flowers!

The language of flowers, or floriography stands for communication carried out through flowers. It became very popular during the Victorian era in England, and the United States during the 19th century. Flowers were presented to express personal feelings secretly, without offending anyone.

Called Hanakotoba Japan, the language of flowers conveys emotional sentiments without any words. The color of the blooms, their physical functions, thorns, and height all have different meanings. What’s more, each flower in an arrangement has a unique story behind it.

Flowers Quotes

Here is a list of popular flowers with their meanings and hidden messages:

  • Gerberas:
    Gerberas FlowersT
    hese come from the Daisy family, and are used to express a sense of cheerfulness. Available in a variety of colors such as pink, white, yellow, red and orange, these make a perfect present for lifting anyone’s spirits. Suitable for all festive occasions, these stunning daisies are considered some of the most popular flowers worldwide!
  • Lilies:
    These stand for purity and refined beauty, and are often considered ideal wedding anniversary flowers. Their various types convey different meanings, such as – White for majesty, Calla lilies for exquisite beauty, and White Calla lilies for innocence. Pink Stargazer Lilies are a sweet-scented version which signify boldness, beauty and prosperity – suitable for the stars in your life. Lilies are also appropriate for funerals, as they signify the restored innocence of the departed soul.
  • Roses: 
    RosePopular symbols of love, roses can convey different feelings – based on their color, variety and number. Red roses represent true love, while yellow and purple signify friendship and enchantment. If you appreciate someone, you can gift him/her pink roses. Black and orange roses are suitable for funerals and congratulatory occasions respectively. Nowadays, even blue and green roses are available, for those with mysteriousness and tranquility on their minds!
  • Sunflowers:
    Symbolizing pure thoughts, adoration, and dedication, these bright-yellow edible flowers derive their meaning from the sun itself. Always facing the sun, their close resemblance to their namesake makes them a people pleaser. Their long petals are often called ‘rays’, and they’re famous for providing vibrant energy like the sun. Also known as ‘happy’ flowers, these are great for brightening up anyone’s day! 
  • Tulips:
    TulipsThese pretty blossoms are used for declaring love to the receiver. Red tulips signify true love, purple ones royalty, and yellow versions – happy thoughts. The white variety is used for requesting forgiveness as well as claiming worthiness, whereas pink and orange tulips stand for affection and warmth. Your loved ones are sure to cherish these beauties, so why not present them to someone today?
  • Chrysanthemums:
    Chrysanthemums The official flower of Chicago city, these delicate-looking blooms come with a typical yellow center and a stunning pompon. They stand for optimism, joy, a long life, and fidelity. The white versions convey truth and loyalty, and yellow ones neglected love. It’s also believed that a single chrysanthemum petal, once placed at the bottom of a wine glass promotes a long, healthy life.
  • Carnations:
    Delightfully-fluffy and lovely, these aromatic flowers come in a range of hues, all of which come with different connotations. The red variety stands for love and admiration, pink ones a mother’s love, and white ones – innocence and pure love. If you’re feeling whimsical or dejected, you can also go with the purple or yellow ones. Their unusual beauty makes them the ideal 1st wedding anniversary flowers.

Giving Flowers as GiftFlowers are always a part of the most important occasions in our lives, and are the ideal gift for treasuring timeless memories.

Nothing spells love like a present of fresh, fragrant flowers. You can always count on us at D’Petals to help you pick the most suitable flower arrangements for your loved ones.