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A florist is an expert who specializes in the selection and arrangement of flowers. Florists work worldwide on a grand scale, and are counted among the likes of large warehouses that ship flowers, as well as small roadside stands. There are a number of people who are increasingly drawn to using florist services throughout their lives, since they actively engage in gifting flowers, especially those that are aesthetically arranged, and perfect for all occasions.

At D’Petals, we take into consideration the following essentials to ensure timely delivery of some of the finest flower bouquets island-wide:   


Dpetals - Fresh

When it comes to selecting a florist, the freshness of flowers is a vital point. At D’Petals, we provide a complete range of floral arrangements to suit your gifting needs. If you select someone who does not care about the quality of the floral arrangements, you will end up with wilted flowers. One of the best ways to judge whether the flowers are fresh or not is looking around the shop to examine the variety of flowers on display. If the flowers are not fresh and of poor quality, this is a clear indicator that you need to look somewhere else.


Dpetals - Reliable

Find out exactly how reliable the florists are. Do they provide Same Day Delivery services or not? For instance, before ordering flowers for an upcoming wedding, you’ll need to find out how far or close they are from the wedding location. If they are far away and don’t provide services for speedy delivery, it’s best to look for another florist who is more dependable. Those who are planning for a major occasion should ensure they select a reliable floral boutique, in order to avoid major disappointments on their big day.

One of the most vital things to consider is that florist should deliver flowers on time. Find out about their delivery policy before you start working together. Florists usually deliver flowers to the venue and this is covered in the initial cost. It is imperative to check all this, especially if the venue is far away. You should also find out whether the florist charges extra for delivery and what time they are scheduled to deliver. This is important, especially if the wedding is going to be on a Sunday.  

Value for Money

Dpetals - Value for Money

How much you want to spend is another vital factor that you should keep in mind. It is a must to be clear about your budget before approaching any florists, so that you don’t end up spending more than what you had planned. The best florist must be flexible to work according to your budget and the flowers must be fresh. It is essential to talk about your budget with the florist and be ready to work with what you have.

When you start looking for flowers on various online sites you will often find yourself confused, and this is precisely why it is important to search for an experienced florist. Ideally, florists will advise you on what type of flowers to choose and can also give you alternatives for flowers that will be still be as fresh and beautiful. D’Petals have been in this industry for a long enough time to know where they are going to get the best flowers, even if they do not happen to have them in their shop