“A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” ~ Dave Ramsey


With the New Year just around the corner, you’ll surely be needing fresh flowers, both for your décor as well as gifting. You might even have a celebratory occasion coming up – which calls for colorful blooms in different arrangements. Let’s face it, however – if you’re on a tight budget, flowers can get pretty expensive. Solution? Stretch your floral budget using tips from the pros!

Flowers are indeed one of Nature’s most beautiful creations, which makes them the perfect accompaniment for all sorts of occasions.


Here are some professional tips to stretch your floral budget:


 Discuss Budget 

    Discuss your Budget with the Florist


Ensure that you clearly convey your budget to your florist and give the required guidelines. You can make suggestions based on your style and color palette, but let the florists do the selecting, as they’re the experts. Bottom line: Be honest and frank.


 Widely available

    Use Local/Widely-Available Flowers


Instead of opting for imported flowers, stick to local flower varieties, which are more affordable and just as lovely. You can also pick from widely-available blooms such as roses and lilies. This is a responsible method of sourcing flowers, as it limits our environmental impact.


 Green foliage

    Add Green Foliage


Simply adding lush green accents to your floral centerpiece, arrangements and bouquets can cut costs drastically. This can include everything from ferns, grass, and leaves, which add a contrasting pop of color to multi-hued blooms.



    Pick Bigger Blossoms


Larger flowers will take up more space, which means you require less of them! You can pick from calla lilies, dahlias, sunflowers and even gerbera daisies to decorate your event venue or interiors. These go as far as to add a luxurious touch to your décor while staying within budget.



    Be Open to Variety


If you’re a bride or the organizer, you might have a specific flower type in mind, such as carnations or orchids. You might not have any idea, however, about the stunning variety your local florist can provide you with. So be open to different suggestions and take your pick accordingly.


 Repurpose your flower

    Repurpose Your Flowers


If you reuse your floral arrangements, you get twice as much use out of them. This can save you a lot of money, and help you achieve 2 different looks for back-to-back occasions. You can ask your florist for additional tips on repurposing your flowers.



    Mix up Decorative Elements


Feel free to add complementary elements such as ribbons, tulle, lace, and even crystal accents to jazz up your bouquets and floral decorations. This will make your arrangements look a whole lot bigger and keep the costs down.  


 Consider less elaborate arrangement

    Consider Less Elaborate Arrangements


If you choose fancy floral arrangements, the florist’s labor will cost you much more than the flowers themselves. Opt for simple yet striking décor in a similar color scheme. Remember that lesser varieties of foliage and florals will bring down the cost!






    Use Less Expensive Flowers


You can pick up flower lookalikes and swap expensive stems for the more affordable ones. Orchids, for instance, can be replaced by gladiolus, which look just as exotic. Remember that striking flowers don’t necessarily have to be expensive. What matters is that the blooms should complement your palette and appeal to you.  


With all these pro tips, you’ll find it easy to stick to your floral budget!

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