Guide to Graduation Flowers

Graduation Teddy Bear

Graduation holds immense significance in every individual’s life. Be it completing school, or finishing a college degree or diploma, it’s a milestone that deserves to be celebrated grandly. If you know someone who’s just graduated, why not surprise them today with a beautiful bouquet of flowers? After all, nothing says ‘Congratulations!’ like fresh flowers! You can also add an interesting twist to them with a cute graduation teddy bear.

If you want to be more creative, send flowers in a personalized color combo to match the school colors or simply opt for the graduate’s favorite shade. Also remember to get wrist corsages (for girls) and lapel boutonnieres (for boys).   

Here’s a basic guide to help you pick out appropriate blooms for the upcoming graduation season:

Platonic Love & Admiration (Friends & Family)

  • Roses

    If you’re confused about what flowers to gift, go for roses. Be it a mixed multicolored bouquet, or simply a bunch of red, yellow or pink blooms, these classic flowers are perfect for expressing admiration and conveying your feelings to your loved ones. White and lilac roses are a good pick for those who prefer softer colors.
  • Orchids

    Send a beautiful bunch of purple, green or white orchids to express your heartiest congratulations. Orchid Leis are also a popular gift for graduates, and are known for being durable as well. You can also choose to send an orchid plant, which doubles up as a beautiful memento that will grow with them as they start their lives afresh.
  • Tulips 
    These stunning yet simple flowers are the ideal gift for congratulating someone on their accomplishments. Since tulips herald the new cycle of spring each year, they are excellent for celebrations. Opt for colors such as orange, light pink and purple, or get a mixed bunch as a special surprise. A gift of tulips is sure to be treasured, thanks to their captivating beauty.
  • Sunflowers

    A cheery bunch of sunflowers lifts one’s spirits like nothing else. Also known as ‘happy’ flowers, they’re the perfect gift for a graduate’s big day. Yellow is the color of friendship, so if you want to get flowers for a dear friend, look no further. If you’re looking for a cute option, take a look at this bouquet of sunflowers with a graduation bear!    

Romantic Love (Couples)

  • Lilies 
    If you’re a guy looking to present your girlfriend on her graduation day, Peruvian lilies are a great choice. Select from brilliant shades of yellow, pink, orange, magenta and white for the new graduate. There are other pretty variations as well, such as Asiatic lilies and Stargazer lilies – perfect for impressing your stylish girlfriend.
  • Carnations
    These are ideal graduation flowers for men. Available in a range of hues, they smell sweet and can also be used to create a personalized lei! Scholars have suggested that the name ‘carnations’ has been derived from the word ‘coronation’, because of their usage in Greek ceremonial crowns.  Choose from shades of red to express your love or go for an unexpected vivid purple!
  • Gerberas
    These brightly-colored daisies come in hues of pink, red, orange, violet and blue and stand out with their striking appearance. Perfect for inspiring and appreciating the achievements of your significant other, these will surely bring a smile to their face. Gift a whimsical bouquet of orange gerberas to surprise your loved one today! 

Graduation Day is a special occasion for all family members, friends and partners. Browse through D’Petals’ premium graduation bouquetstoday to pick the perfect flowers for this occasion.