Women's Day Banner

Did you know that International Women’s Day is celebrated every year on March 8? This day acknowledges the struggle of women through generations past and present, and their fight for fairness. Flower bouquets are often presented to ladies on this day, owing to their ultra-feminine significance. 

Women's Day Theme - Planet 50-50

This year, the theme for the event is "Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality." A UN campaign has been especially created with this theme, and events are being organized around the popular #PledgeForParity hashtag.
This historic day was first observed on February 28, 1909, in New York City. Since then, it has gained international status, and is celebrated by expressing respect, appreciation, and love towards women, as well as honoring their economic, political, and social achievements. Some people even wear purple ribbons to mark this occasion.

Influential and successful women today have made their mark in different spheres– be it business, politics, research, or sports. Why not recognize their merits with a thoughtful yet symbolic gift? In many countries, it is customary to send flowers to grandmothers, mothers, wives, daughters, teachers, coworkers, and friends, in recognition of International Women’s Day. Beautiful blossoms have a language of their own, and can help you express everything from deep gratitude (shocking pink roses) to adoration (sunflowers).

Research has shown that flowers can make you instantly happier, and promote feelings of joy and contentment. This undoubtedly makes them the best choice for celebrations.
Do you have a woman in your life who deserves such acclaim? You can convey your respect and love towards her with a stunning bunch of flowers.

Here are some creative flower-gifting ideas for Women’s Day:

Table Arrangement Flowers

  • A Table Arrangement or Potted Plant: Soft, pastel-colored flowers combined with stems and leaves to add a pop of green, this is the ideal messenger of love for your mother, aunt or sister. 
  • Bright Blooms or Garden-Style Flowers: Present a bold-hued bunch of flowers to your admired lady – it’s sure to land you in her good books. Choose from a colorful palette to make your gift more fun and have the flowers delivered to her at her home or office.
  • Mixed Bouquets or Arrangements: If you want to recognize the achievements of your clients and employees, a mixed bouquet or arrangement of flowers in rich tones such as red, purple and magenta is always a great idea.
  • Uniquely-Colored Bunches: Convey your regards to teachers and mentors with standout blooms in oranges and greens. With the immense variety of hues available today, this will be an easy task! Modern colors generate energy and excitement and are ideal for expressing thanks and appreciation.
  • Favorite Flowers: If you’re gifting a bunch to your wife or girlfriend, simply go with what they like! Maybe the flowers you picked out for your first date, or something in her favorite color. These are sure to have an immense impact on her.  

Beautiful flowers are, without a doubt, the best way to tell the women in your life how much you admire them. If you’re looking for a reliable florist, D’Petals is the ideal choice, thanks to its stunning variety of fresh flowers, appropriate for this historic occasion.
International Women's Day celebrates women's accomplishments and advocates for gender equality. Honor an inspiring woman in your life by sending her a florist-delivered bouquet on March 8th.