10 Quirky Flower Ideas for Memorable Wedding

Weddings are a one-in-a-lifetime affair, so why not make them as dreamy as possible?

Owing to the versatility of flowers, you can effectively incorporate them into different aspects of your wedding décor, and select them as the principal theme for you and your significant other’s fairytale romance. Regardless of whether you prefer a vintage look with deeply-hued roses, or something more contemporary with gardenias and orchids, you can opt for the ideal floral look for your unique ceremony, thanks to the premium selection of wedding bouquets, arrangements, and hampers provided by D’Petals – your Reliable Local Florist in Singapore.

Any big celebration, reception, or ceremony is incomplete without fresh flowers. Blooms in different shapes, sizes, and colors are what make the life of every party.

Here are 10 Alternative Flower Ideas to add some Zing to your Nuptials:

  1. Inverted Garden
    Inverted GardenA ceiling decked out in flowers works to convert your indoor or outdoor space into an beautifully-inverted garden, and makes your significant day all the more special. Those who prefer a stunning backdrop can opt for flowers on their wall, which can be arranged in a specific pattern or color-coordinated design to match the bridal theme.
  2. Flower Wreaths
    Wedding Flower WreathsBe it for the bride or her flower girls, floral wreaths are a creative alternative to a traditional basket of petals, and add a dose of fun to the whole wedding ceremony!
  3. Floral Framework
    Wedding Floral Arch FrameworkA flower-covered lattice makes for a lovely focal point and also doubles up as a picturesque backdrop for pictures. You can get as creative as you want, by adding a variety of colorful crystals and leaves to the whole arrangement.     
  4. Rose Petal Champagne
    Rose Petal ChampagneSprinkle some freshly-plucked rose petals into the glasses of bubbly for a visually-arresting welcome drink. These edible petals can be matched to the color of the sparkling wine to make them even more welcoming!
  5. Floral Chandeliers
    Floral ChandeliersThose who prefer subtlety can opt for a beautiful hanging flower arrangement, constructed from vines, flowers, and leaves. This replicates the look of a light fixture and creates a great celebratory ambience for the wedding couple and their guests.
  6. Flowery Initials
    Flowery InitialsWhy not turn your initials into a full-fledged floral sign? Create a picturesque and flowery monogram to put up right at the entrance of the venue. Pick from multicolored buds or opt for a single color scheme complete with leafy accents.
  7. Blooming Cake
    Blooming CakesAdd freshly-plucked flower buds or full blooms to your tiered wedding cake, and arrange them in an ombre design, according to the particular wedding palette.
  8. Floral Serviettes
    Floral ServiettesAdd a cheery touch to the table by placing brightly-colored flower heads on ivory serviettes. This not only welcomes guests to the table, but also complements the wedding décor beautifully!
  9. Pomander Blooms
    Pomander BloomsAdd flower-topped pomanders at strategic points around the venue for adding a bright and elegant touch to your wedding décor. Whether hung outdoors on trees, or indoors on the ceiling, these bright, flowery balls are an eye-catching addition.
  10. Color-coordinated Boutonnieres
    Color-coordinated BoutonnieresWhy not put together special boutonniere flowers for all your male guests to flaunt? Arrange all the single-toned flowers on a separate table near the entrance to help the gentlemen spruce themselves up.

Wedding flowers have long been associated with intense, passionate love, as well as complete fidelity. They are used as a medium of expression to express one’s feelings to their partner, friend, parent, guardian, etc. If you’re on the lookout for fresh blooms to stand out on your wedding day, look no further than the stunning selection of bridal bouquets provided by D’Petals. We provide everything from wedding packages and bouquets to bridal car decorations for your special ride.