Here's your foolproof guide to choosing the perfect flowers to impress your miss. It doesn't take a lot of money or any kind of floral-knowledge to knock her socks off! A few easy-to-remember pointers is all you'll need for the rest of your life.

Step 1: Learn at least a little something about your girl

What color does she like? If you have no idea, think about what colors she often wears or has about her. What color is her bag, her phone, her shoes, her laptop? Chances are the answers are all around you.

How would you describe her? Edgy? Nature-y? Soft and romantic? Career/goal-oriented? Delicate or bold? Shy or outgoing? Funny, quirky, serious? Even just one or two descriptors will help.

Is she allergic to flowers? Worth finding out. If you don't want to be obvious and ask, find some flowers when you're out together for her to smell. That'll give you a good idea.

Step 2: What do you want to say?

Decide what your gesture is trying to say.

  • I like you and want to pursue something further?
  • Thanks for a great evening?
  • I'm totally in love with you and want everyone to know it?
  • Happy birthday/anniversary/Graduation?
  • I'm really sorry for what I did/said/forgot?
  • I was just thinking how much you might like these flowers for no reason at all? (this is an especially good one)

Step 3: Get help from a pro

It's time to start looking at all of the designed bouquets from D'Petals: you'll get more for your money by getting something here. We have carefully designed the bouquets to suit your needs.

After you've had a look around on the site, think about the question below:

"I want an arrangement made for (occasion/reason)."
Example "I'm sorry?"

"I want to use (girl's favorite colors)."
Know what color she likes.

"I want to spend (your budget)."
Choose a budget that you are comfortable.

Step 4: Write a Message

This is the hard part, but you'll be OK!

Keep it short and simple. Avoid anything generic or cheesy and make it sincere. Even a few well-chosen words will go farther than some over-quoted sonnet.

If you're totally stuck, I recommend using a famous quotes site. I recommend Bartelby's or where you can type a word or phrase into a box and get a slew of results! But be specific: a search on "love" will leave you reeling. Find a word that has some significance to you or the occasion, and go from there.

Remember, when quoting someone, include their name at the end of the quote. Otherwise your girl may think you're trying to pull one over on her! Make sure to give credit where credit is due.

Step 5: Give Flowers, Get Kisses!!

The last step is to decide when and how to deliver your precious gift.

If you're picking her up at her house, the flowers-behind-the-back trick is classic.

If you're going to be out together all day, consider whether she'll want to be carrying around a big bunch of flowers on your adventures (probably not). If this is the case, invest in a cheap cooler and store them in your car's trunk until the date is over. If you don't have a car or trunk, get creative. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated.

If you're meeting her at work/school, decide if she's the kind of girl that likes attention. If so, send the flower to her work/school when there are plenty of other people around. If not, send the flowers to yourself and wait for a quiet alone moment.

Special tip: If you're picking a girl up for a date from her house, and you're meeting her mother for the first time - buy the flowers for your girl. Have a separate, smaller bouquet to give to her mom. Serious points all around. Seriously.

Final tip: If you are still unsure what to do please email we will gladly assist you on your journey to getting the perfect flower for her.