Holiday Cheat Sheet for Corporate Gifts & Hampers

“A gift is never about need. It’s about thanking people.” ~ Lash Fary

The year-end is almost here, and with it comes an expected rise in corporate gift giving, which can include everything from holiday bouquets and hampers

Originating from the French word ‘Hanapier’, which literally stands for a case for storing goblets, the latter term was put into usage during Victorian times.

Dpetals Christmas Hampers

A universally-appropriate gift, hampers help generate positive brand recognition, affirm relationships, and boost the personal connect between two parties.

It’s also been successfully demonstrated by the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) - that vendors with a corporate gift giving program were twice as likely to improve their chances of being contacted by recipients, in comparison to those without one.

Statistics show that total merchandise trade is presently valued at S$77,899.4.millions.  Figures like these clearly indicate that purchasing and gifting are important to us.   

Benefits of Holiday Gift Hampers

Considering an evergreen corporate gift for gifting business associates or colleagues? A traditional gift hamper of food and drink is an excellent choice for year-end gift giving - owing to its versatility.

Benefits Vs Cost

Holiday hampers are beneficial in many ways, and provide the following advantages:

  • Save Valuable Time: Avoid a last-minute shopping frenzy by picking up a gift basket. This will help you utilize time more productively
  • Personalize your Gift: Add a personal note to a handpicked hamper for the recipient. This makes it all the more special
  • Ensure Gender Neutrality: A festive gift hamper is suitable for gifting both gents and ladies
  • Suitable for all Occasions: Be it Christmas or the New Year, hampers are a fail-proof gifting solution
  • Include a Variety: An assortment of various treats ensures that your gift is well received

Tips for Selecting Corporate Gift Hampers

Selecting a gift for a client, business contact or potential partner? Remember that a quality gift is a direct reflection on your company, so choose wisely. Consider the following tips for picking out suitable business gifts:   

Tips & Tricks

  • Select the Ideal Hamper Size: Keep the size of the company in mind, so that everyone can enjoy your gift
  • Choose Liquor for Celebrations: A hamper containing wine or champagne is ideal for gifting executives celebrating recent projects, contracts & holidays  
  • Check Religious Customs: Liquor is great for celebrations, however it should be noted that alcohol is not included in certain customs and cultures. Be sure to check on such facts before sending across gift/s
  • Stay within your Budget: Don’t overspend, and opt for a simple gift instead of a flashy one
  • Select Carefully: Choose a gift hamper keeping in mind the likes as well as dislikes of the recipient

Gift Giving Etiquette

Since there are different cultures, religions and traditions prevalent around the world and particularly in Singapore, following a gift giving decorum is recommended.

For instance, it’s best to avoid gifting clocks to a Chinese company, since the Chinese word for ‘clock’ is similar to the word for ‘death.’

Here are some pointers to follow while selecting the ideal business gift/hamper:


  • Make it Practical: Everyone likes receiving useful presents, and this also reduces wastage
  • Add a Personal Touch: Compose a handwritten greeting for the recipient. A gesture such as this won’t go unnoticed
  • Don’t be Extravagant: Spending more than what you can afford is not only a bad idea but also lacking in good taste
  • Don’t gift Promotional Items: Putting huge logos on everything seems like blatant advertising
  • Rules for Superiors: Giving gifts to your colleagues and employees is okay, but avoid sending gifts to your boss
  • Don’t get Personal: Avoid gifting personal items such as Jewelry
  • Gifting Bouquets: Opt for Mixed Flowers and steer clear of blooms with romantic associations, such as Roses
  • Avoid Cultural Faux Pas: Learn about the religious customs and company culture in the Recipient’s country

As the concluding point states, each country has certain conventional norms, hence it’s best to know about international practices before sending across corporate gifts.  

In case you’re left wondering where to find Corporate Gift Hampers and Celebratory Bouquets in Singapore, look no further than D’Petals - a reliable name among florists.

Celebrate the New Year by gifting delightful treats and stunning blooms to your valued associates!