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Stress - Memes

Common symptoms of stress can have adverse effects on the body, individual thoughts and feelings as well as behavior. Personal and workplace responsibilities, and other negative life events are bound to result in stress, and impact your overall health and wellbeing in a number of ways. If left untreated, stress can be a contributing factor to various health issues such as high blood pressure and obesity. 

Experts advise exercise and lifestyle changes to manage stressful situations efficiently. Interestingly enough, behavioral research conducted at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, indicates that Nature might just hold the key to improved emotional health. 

To put it precisely, flowers have been proven to have a positive impact on our emotions, by boosting happiness, wellbeing, calmness, as well as intimacy.

What’s more, their presence has been shown to boost feelings of life satisfaction as well as social behavior. If you’re looking to surprise your loved ones today with a joyous gift, a stunning floral arrangement is the ultimate choice.    

Here are some notable benefits of flowers of different shapes, sizes and aromas:

Banish Blues with Blossom Power

Blossom Power

If you’ve been feeling moody lately, you might want to consider getting a bouquet or two of blooms for your home, as these are not just aesthetically pleasing, but come with added health benefits as well. Another study conducted by Nancy Etcoff, Ph.D., of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School (Boston), has verified that the presence of fresh flowers makes people kinder, less anxious, as well as more upbeat. Everyone likes receiving flowers, but now we know that having them at home is also beneficial in many ways.

All-natural Aromatic Benefits

Aromatic Benefits

Another stressbusting effect of flowers can be attributed to aromatherapy, which has been shown to assist bodily functions. One’s sense of smell can be used as an efficient stress management tool, as this helps provoke emotions and neurological signals in the brain, which aids in relaxation. You can pick from fragrant varieties such as roses, lavender, and rosemary blooms to add an uplifting, relaxing or stimulating natural scent to your interiors. To reap maximum benefits from your floral bunches, ensure that the flowers you buy are fresh, as these will have a great aroma, and are ideal for banishing stress.   

Boost Intimacy & Share Space

Intimacy & Share Space

Be it in bright, multicolored variations or pastel hues, flowers promote interaction amongst family members and friends. Not only do they make us happier, they also impact our emotional state of mind by encouraging positive thinking. Fresh flowers are also a symbol for sharing, which is obvious from the display of floral arrangements in sociable areas of the home, such as the dining room, living room and the foyer. Bouquets and flower arrangements increase our happiness manifold, and affect our wellbeing as well, far beyond normal perceptions. 

Transfer Happiness

Happiness Flower

If you desire improved energy levels, and want to give yourself a happiness makeover, flowers are the answer to your situation. Thanks to the variety of blooms available today, they can be easily personalized to include your preferences and complement your décor, and include everything from pale pink carnations to golden yellow sunflowers and vivid purple orchids!  

Whether at the workplace or in your home, flowers help stimulate moods and help in creating a happy environment for all. It’s also been proven that starting a day on a positive note helps makes it more likely to transfer blissful feelings to others, a phenomenon which is termed as ‘mood contagion’. 

Flowers have a longstanding connection with emotional health & are also known to have an immediate impact on happiness. Colorful blossoms are undoubtedly the delight of every receiver, and help establish intimate connections. A reputed florist such as D’Petals delivers all kinds of flower arrangements and even potted plants at your doorstep – which means you can start redecorating your office/home interiors today!