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When it come to getting flower bouquet for your loved one, there is nothing better than bouquet of Rose. But how much do you know about the Rose?  

The rose has long been symbolic. Roses have existed for ages and have been used medicinally and to express love. Roses are symbolic in religious rites of birth, life and death.  

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21 Fun Facts about the Rose (Infographic)


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Below are the points for the 21 Fun Facts about the Rose:

  1. The rose is one of the oldest plant fossils known to man. A rose fossil was discovered in Colorado that was 35 million years old.
  2. The Greek and Roman named roses as symbolism of love and passion.
  3. The rose bush was first cultivated in Asia at least 5,000 years ago.
  4.  In Islam, the rose is a symbol of law, knowledge and truth.
  5. In Christianity, the rose symbolizes life and death. The rose is synonymous with the Virgin Mary (purity) and Christ (thorns).
  6. The roses "thorns" are actually "prickles". Thorns are imbedded into the stems. Prickles can easily be taken off.
  7. During the middle ages nobility bathed in water accented with rose petals and often wore rose petals around the neck to ward off odor.
  8. The War of the Roses was fought in England and the Tudors won. The Tudor king Henry VII united with the House of York and combined emblems. The red rose of the Tudor house united with the white rose of the Yorks to unite the country.
  9. Alchemists propagated roses as mystical.
  10.  The rose is the national flower of England.
  11. George Washington was the first person to cultivate the rose in the Americas and even named one species after his mother Mary.
  12. The oldest rose bush thrives in Germany at the Cathedral of Hildesheim. It is over 1000 years old.
  13. Most species of rose have 5 petals evenly cut into 2 parts. Only the Rosa sericea has 4 petals.
  14. Despite legend, there is no black rose. The darkest rose a deep shade of red.
  15. There are over 100 species of roses.
  16. The fruit of the rose bush is crushed into rose hip and rose oil. It is used for medicinal purposes (it is rich in Vitamin A and C) and used for cosmetic purposes.
  17. Wild roses are pollinated by insects and bloom just once per year.
  18. The day before Christopher Columbus discovered America, one of his crew saw a floating rose stem pass the boat. Columbus knew that land was close and discovered the Americas the following day.
  19. Relatives of the rose include cherries, apricots, apples, peaches, plums, pears and almonds.
  20. Shakespeare refers to roses more than 50 times throughout his writings.
  21.  In 2002, a rose was sent to outer space to scientifically test scent at low gravity.
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